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Nahid Cultural Institute

The Cultural-Artistic Institute of Nahid Rakhshan started his activity in Isfahan in September of 1378, and then the cultural and artistic institution of Nahid Forouzan in Shahreza city in 1384. In 2003, the Cultural-Artistic Institute of Nahid Taban, Danesh and Art in the city of Dehaghan They joined

Overall goals and policy of the institution:

This institute has been established to promote the level of knowledge and public perception and promote the Iranian culture and art and the efforts to develop cultural exchanges. And the main activities of the Institute in these years are as follows.

language teaching:

Our beloved country, Iran, has long been one of the most important and significant international tourism hubs due to its rich cultural and historical background and its tourist attractions. Given the importance of the tourism industry in today’s world, the need for mastery of tourism conversations is becoming more and more evident. This skill includes recognition of grammar, dialogue, reading, comprehension of concepts, and so on. Graduates of this course will have the following abilities as efficient forces: daily conversation in tourism, tourism correspondence, reading and understanding of brochures and related material, getting acquainted with the tourism industry, establishing cooperation with the agencies and travel agencies, the possibility of employment in Tourism and tourism areas after having acquired the necessary skills.

This institute has been organizing this course by obtaining a license for the training of tourism conversations from the Directorate General of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Isfahan Province. The course consists of two specialized and general sections.

1- Professional course: Students take entrance examinations in specialized courses after passing general level courses. (This test is required to complete the full-time graduation test) to enter and attend a specialized course. This course consists of 90 hours of instruction that is a combination of both theoretical and practical training.

2. General period: This course consists of 22 levels (semesters), which lasts about an average of six weeks (equivalent to 30 academic hours). Interested in learning the English language (Tourism), they first participate in the regular level test and register after determining the level at the relevant level.

Linguistics at the Nahid Institute is based on listening and speaking skills and during the semester the full range of audiovisual facilities necessary for this purpose is provided. At the end of each semester, successful students will be able to work Valuable and in addition to Honor Student and award winners, it is worth mentioning that, after passing through each of the three sections, the students will be awarded the relevant diploma.

3. Workshops: This institution organizes short-term intensive courses in order to meet learners with different skills.

4- Holding tours of historical monuments in Isfahan: The existence of more than six thousand historical works in the province of Isfahan has made the name of half the graceful world of this valuable land of Iran. Isfahan is a mixture of beautiful cultural heritage and beautiful nature that has a history dating back to the history of Iranian civilization and culture.

Old mosques with historical and architectural values ​​make up the most works of Isfahan province that have been scattered in different cities of the province. The students of this institution are visiting the places with the aim of circulating and training.

Summer Festival: This festival will be held every year to encourage students at the end of the summer, and among the outstanding students who have received at least three consecutive or alternate dues during the past year, they will be awarded prizes such as personal computer (Laptop).

Message from management

Undoubtedly, the only means of interconnecting human beings in all parts of the world is the international language. Today, human access to facilities beyond the geographical boundaries and in spite of the territorial distances of humans in the realm of the world of communication, requires that everyone can engage in dialogue and expression in diverse and transcendental thoughts, and in the treasury of knowledge and Become aware of each other. The peoples of Iran, as the owners of the wisdom and thoughtfulness of the world, despite the rich culture and art background, today are not expected to play a significant role in the framework of global interactions. It is clear that a large part of this undesirable fact is due to the lack of sufficient attention to the teaching of international language as the key to global communication in all areas.

I hope that the efforts of the Center for Foreign Languages ​​of the Cultural Institute of Nahid will be able to bring about the growth and prosperity of the youth and youth of this field on the world stage, and thus the promise of trust which I, myself and the people of knowledge and culture, is in the best place. Be done.

A summary of the history of the institute

October 2005

The Beginning of the Cultural Institute of Nahid Foroozan in Shahreza City

November 2003

The Beginning of the Nahid Taban Cultural Institute of Science and Art in Dehaghan City

September 1999

The Beginning of the Cultural Institute of Nahid Rakhshan in Isfahan

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